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Assisted living homes offer families throughout the U.S. a trusted senior care option that’s more relaxed and adaptable than the classic nursing home solution. Seniors who need help with approximately three activities of daily living (ADLs), but who prefer more independence and do not need skilled nursing care 24 hours a day can move into assisted living homes and often remain for the rest of their lives.

Senior Citizen assisted living came about in the early 1990s and has continued to be a popular choice for seniors and their families ever since. By 2007, over 1 million people resided in assisted living homes nationally.*

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If you are learning about assisted living homes because you have a parent or loved one for whom independent living is no longer ideal, use this section to learn about senior citizen assisted living options unique to specific areas.

assisted living facilitiesIs your mother a sun seeker? Then assisted living facilities in Florida or Arizona assisted living may be a good fit for her. Is your uncle a big-city guy? Try learning about assisted living in Chicago. Or maybe your dad is a doting great-grandfather, and all he wants is to live close to his great-grandchildren in Texas. If so, read our article about Texas assisted living to get a feel for how assisted living homes operate in that area. We’re doing our best to get detailed articles on each state and most major U.S. cities, so if your area isn’t represented, please bookmark this page check back later. We’ll be adding to this section regularly.

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*NCAL 2007