Guide to Iowa Assisted Living Facilities

Iowa assisted living facilitiesLearn about assisted living homes in Iowa in this detailed guide.

Iowa is one of the more affordable states in the Midwestern United States for seniors who are in need of an assisted living facility to retire. Once known for being a major producer of agricultural, Iowa has since become a major hub for manufacturing, and as a result has had a variety of seniors who settled down in the state many years ago. There are not many big cities in the states, so many seniors end up choosing the city of Des Moines for an assisted living home. Although this does not mean that there are not a variety of other Iowa assisted living facilities throughout the state for seniors. Since there are a number of options for seniors, it is best to be prepared to conduct your search, as you want to know the right questions to ask about assisted living upfront. If you know the right questions about Iowa assisted living homes, it will allow you to be better prepared so that you can more quickly find the right location for your loved one.

Important Facts About Iowa Assisted Living Homes

In the Hawkeye state of Iowa the agency that oversees assisted living is the Department of Inspections and Appeals, Adult Services Bureau. If you want to reach them directly to discuss anything about Iowa assisted living facilities, then you can contact the agency at (515) 281-6325. The licensure terms that they choose to use in Iowa are a bit different than most states, as they call assisted living homes, "assisted living programs" and "dementia-specific assisted living programs." New rules were recently adopted in early 2010 regarding Iowa assisted living facilities. In terms of living space, the minimum requirements in Iowa are that private single occupancy units are 240 square feet for new construction, or 190 square feet for newly converted facilities. Double occupancy units must be at least 340 square feet for new construction, or 290 square feet for newly converted facilities.

Average Costs of Iowa Assisted Living Facilities

One of the big questions that almost everyone wants to know when searching for an Iowa assisted living facility is what are the monthly average costs for their loved one to live there. Seniors who plan to live at an Iowa assisted living home should expect to pay a monthly cost of $1,217 to $4,806, with the average cost coming in at $2,756. However the cost can vary a bit depending on if you live in Des Moines, or another city in Iowa. Below are the average monthly costs for Iowa assisted living homes in Des Moines and the rest of the state.

  • Residents who are looking to live in Iowa assisted living facilities in the Des Moines area will end up paying anywhere from $1,217 to $3,074, with the average being $2,915 per month.
  • Residents who want to live in an Iowa assisted living home in the rest of the state will end up paying anywhere from $2,000 to $3,498, with the average being $2,598 per month.

Finding Assisted Living Homes in Iowa

If you are in the process of searching for a great Iowa assisted living facility for your loved one, then the easiest way to get help with your search is to use the form at the top of this page to learn more about the options in your area. All you need to do is provide your desired zip code and the type of senior care of interest for your loved one, then you will be connected to our partner site which has a comprehensive directory of all the state licensed assisted living homes in Iowa, which currently have an opening for your loved one. If you would prefer to just speak with someone directly about your quest to find the right Iowa assisted living facility, call the toll-free number listed at the top of this page to get help with whatever you need. Our expert team of elder care advisors are always available to assist you free of charge, and will be able to help answer your questions about your search for the right Iowa assisted living facility for your loved one.