New Insights on Vitamin Shoppers

This is a really fun infographic that was just put out about vitamin shoppers. As we age, it’s important to stay healthy and in that vein, we all work extra hard to find the right vitamins to keep our joints, minds, and bodies strong. Review this infographic to determine if you are a typical vitamin [...]

Obama vs. Romney’s Credit Card Bill

We haven’t been able to post much during this election, but that’s because we don’t want to force our opinion on our audience. That said, we just found a humorous and non-bias infographic from, that shows the spending habits of our two candidates. I’m not sure how you’ll interpret it, but for me, these [...]

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5 Ways to Honor Veterans on Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day: a day to honor those who fought for us in war, died for our freedom, and those who returned home to a different life. America’s first Veterans Day (then called Armistice Day) occurred on November 11, 1919. The first time it was celebrated as a national holiday ways in 1938. Year [...]

Infographic: The History of Betty White

Today we thought we would provide a fun way to spend your Tuesday with this infographic about Betty White. Betty White has earned herself an iconic status as a celebrity that spans generations. She has fans of all ages and has recently sparked immense popularity among Facebook users and Saturday Night Live fans. But how [...]

Senior Citizens Joining Occupy Chicago

47 people, many of which were senior citizens, were arrested this morning after blocking traffic in downtown Chicago as part of an Occupy Chicago protest. The group was part of over 500 seniors that came down to Chicago this morning as part of grassroots organizations, Occupy Chicago, and the Jane Addams Senior Caucus. They rallied [...]

Seniors Read Three Times Faster on Tablets

Although people of all age groups expressed an instinctive preference for reading the written word on physical pages, it appears that reading performance doesn’t show the same distinction. In fact, the difference is most notable in seniors, and it’s not the performance result you might expect. Seniors have been shown to read about three times [...]

Grackles Hassle Houston Senior Living Center

Small, loud black birds called grackles have made a senior living home in Houston, Texas practically unlivable. “It’s very raucous and loud,” said 81-year-old Rebecca Sealy. “It looks like snow. That’s bird poop. … It just kept getting worse and worse. … The day after I took [my car] for a $20 car wash and [...]

Nation’s First GLBT Assisted Living Facility to Open in January

Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) will debut the United States’ first full-time GLBT assisted living facility in New York City in January of 2012. Mayor Michael Bloomberg approved an “Innovate Senior Center” contract Wednesday for the center, which will be based in Chelsea but provide services to non-residents in all five boroughs of [...]

77% of Americans Doubtful About Affordable Retirement

At about half the strength of the 2010 poll, the 2011 Unretirement Index shows that only 23% of working Americans are “very confident”  that they will be able to live comfortably after retiring. Additionally, one in five Americans believe they will never completely retire. President of Sun Life Financial U.S. (the company that produces the [...]

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