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Wii Sports Makes Exercising Fun for Seniors

The Nintendo Wii has become extremely popular over the past few years with families, as everyone can find a game which they like to play. Also many of the games are set up where 4 players can participate, making it a fun way to get exercise while being social with friends and family. Now the Wii craze is catching on with senior citizens who are using the video game systems in active living homes, assisted living homes, and nursing homes. Playing the Wii is very easy for seniors, as most of them just want something simple, which is why so many enjoy Wii Sports. Another reason why seniors are enjoying playing Wii Sports, is because it recreates many of their favorite sports activities for them to play, all within the conveniences of their senior home or retirement center. In addition, the stress on the body is much less when playing the Wii, but still enough physical activity so that any senior can get a good workout.

Two of the more popular Wii Sports games which seniors are choosing to play are bowling and golf. Both of these sports are common pastimes among seniors, but when they move into assisted living or nursing homes, it can be much tougher to get out and about to participate. Luckily many senior homes now have Nintendo Wii’s so that seniors can stay in, and play their favorite sport games with their friends. Seniors can be hesitant to accept change, but seeing the fun their friends have while playing Wii Sports has made it hard for them to resist.

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