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Senior Volunteers Pair Well With Students

Once seniors retire they often want to continue working in some capacity and continue to contribute to society. This is not to say they want to get a full time job, but that they want to find a way to help out and make a difference. One of the best ways in which retired seniors can make a difference in society is by volunteering in their local communities. Seniors have a wealth of knowledge and skills which they have gathered over the years, and want to share with others in their area. Volunteering is great, but what many seniors want to know is where they can help to have the biggest impact. This is where the pairing of seniors with students comes into play, as the skills and knowledge which seniors possess can be passed onto students. There are many companies which help facilitate this process, but one company which stands out is Experience Corps, which is a nonprofit based out of Washington DC. Experience Corps has the process of pairing volunteering seniors alongside students, and has research to back up how well it works.

Partnering seniors with students is taking place all over the United States, and the great part is that the senior volunteers are committed to their students and doing whatever it takes to help them succeed. Experience Corps even has data that shows that the volunteers helping students has led to sustained progress in reading and verbal skills. Hopefully this trends continues so that more seniors can help out in their communities and pass on their knowledge and skills to the students.

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