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Seniors Improve Balance by Strengthening Muscles

Seniors are often injured by falling, which is an issue that can be minimized by improving balancing skills. There are a number of ways in which balance can be improved, like Tai Chi or Yoga, but research indicates that strong muscles can be very beneficial to improving balance. When a senior is physically weak, they have trouble supporting themselves when moving around during daily activities. This is why walking can be one of the best activities to help seniors become stronger and improve their balance. Another twist on walking is to perform the activity in chest high water, where balance and strength can further improve and one can walk better on land. Another area of focus for seniors to strengthen should be the abdomen and the lower back, which will help to improve core strength and aid to balance.

Seniors do not have to go to a gym to get their workout accomplished, as the main goal is to stay active and fit. Therefore seniors can get the exercise needed by walking near their home and having some small hand weights and exercise bands. However every senior is different, so it is best to find out what you or your loved one enjoys most and build exercise plans around those activities to stay physically fit. There are also various programs which seniors can join, so that they can work out in a group of like-minded seniors who are all trying to stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are a senior citizen who is not exercising, then the best plan is to start now with simple activities and work your way up to longer more advanced workout sessions.

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