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Just5 Phone Targets Seniors

Keeping up with the latest and greatest in mobile phone technology is common for young adults, however seniors are not as hip when it comes to this arena. Studies show that seniors are not the target market for utilizing mobile phones to access the Internet or download apps. On top of that, seniors often have trouble using many of the newer mobile phones as they have small buttons and too many features and options. These reasons are a big part of why Just5 designed a mobile phone with a minimalist approach so that it can target seniors, children, and vision or hearing impaired people. The new Just5 version 10 is already out in Europe, and is expected to be available in the United States in a few months. When other mobile phones come out with a new version, it is typically a huge step up from the last version in terms of features and functionality. The new Just5 version 10 is almost the complete opposite, because the only thing that they changed was to add a bigger screen. Not only does the Just5 version 10 have a big screen, it also has big buttons that almost anyone can easily figure out.

Just5 is looking to differentiate themselves in a market where everyone wants the newest iPhone, Android phone, or BlackBerry. Their strategy is so simple that it just may work, as they look to capitalize on a part of the market that doesn’t typically use smart phones. Although it is unclear just how big this market is, since the main users consist of seniors and children. Most children are able to quickly figure out how to use more advanced mobile phones, but parents prefer something simpler as it is cheaper and gives the child less options. If you are a senior citizen who is not happy with their current mobile phone or want to try one out, then take a look at the Just5 as it might be just right for you.

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