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Seniors Gone Wired Event Set for Wednesday in Ventura

Recent advances in technology have resulted in a number of classes being held to help educate seniors on how to use the Internet, as well as the various websites and online tools available to them. Now another educational event for seniors, called Seniors Gone Wired, is set for Wednesday in Ventura, California. Starting at 10am, seniors of all ages and skill levels will be able to take part in the class in Ventura, at Cypress Place Senior Living Community. This all day event will cover a wide range of technology topics and conduct interactive workshops set in an atmosphere which is conducive for seniors to learn and retain the information. As seniors become more comfortable with technology, they are able to better reach out and communicate to friends and family via email and social media. Therefore it makes sense that  Internet access for seniors has also been shown to reduce depression. The event at the Cypress Place Senior Living Community will give seniors a chance to learn how to use a computer, cell phone, email, and various social networking sites.

This is not an isolated event, as similar educational events on technology targeted towards seniors are taking place across the country. These events are becoming popular, because seniors want to keep up with technology, and make sure they stay mentally sharp. Seniors are becoming familiar with Facebook and Skype, allowing them to have a social network of family and friends to chat with. Other seniors are enjoying online gaming, as it is a way to relieve stress, but also a great way to exercise the brain when playing puzzle and strategy games.

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