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Assisted Living Residents Embracing Qigong

Most seniors are familiar with Tai Chi as a means of exercising, but not as many seniors are aware of a similar exercise option called Qigong. Both exercise options originated in China, but they have gained popularity in the United States, as seniors enjoy the low impact activity. The great thing about Qigong for seniors, is that they do not have to stand up to participate in the activity, therefore residents at assisted living communities who are in wheelchairs can join in. Residents use slow and gentle stretching movements while focusing on their breathing, which helps them stay limber and reduce their stress levels. It can also help with balance and even lower high blood pressure, thus improving overall health and wellness.

Some assisted living homes have Qigong as an ongoing activity, but there are also a number of one-off classes being offered for seniors across the United States. Seniors who are planning on taking a Qigong class should wear loose and comfortable clothing, so they can more easily stretch and participate in all of the exercises. Some seniors even continue to use the breathing techniques throughout their daily life, so that they can continue to keep the blood pumping, and get the energy channels flowing.

Below is a list of eight common Qigong exercises that are often used for seniors, as they can all be performed standing or sitting down.

  1. Lifting The Sky
  2. Shoot Arrows Left Right
  3. Plucking Stars Change Galaxies
  4. Rotating Winch
  5. Big Turn of the Cosmos
  6. Punching With Wide Eyes
  7. Look Back To Carry The Moon
  8. Reverse Hands Bend Waist

Here is a short video that someone created using the automated video technology at Animoto, which shows the eight common exercises above

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  1. Marcus says:

    Hi Asha,

    Nice little blog post. My name is Marcus Santer and I created the video you used - glad you liked it.

    Qigong is brilliant for seniors but I’m not sure I’d recommend Reverse Hands Bend Waist you’d be hard put to practice this one sitting down.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word =)


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