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Arizona City Waiting for Assisted Living Facility to Open

The United States is a very large country, and as a result we have thousands of small cities which do not have an assisted living facility for the citizens, so seniors have to often go to a nearby city for their needs. This scenario is occurring in the small town of Arizona City, Arizona, where a group of investors has built an assisted living facility, but are unable to open it because of rough economic times over the past couple years. The Mesquite Grove Assisted Living Facility was actually built three years ago in 2007, but once the building was complete, the investors no longer had the ability to fund an opening. They had to focus on paying the construction company back first, and the rocky economy has made it extremely difficult to obtain a loan to help open the facility.

Many residents in the area want to see this assisted living center open soon, as Mesquite Grove would be the first for Arizona City. There are other assisted living options in Pinal County, but the opening of Mesquite Grove would give seniors in the small town an easy place to go without traveling far. The 35,000-square-foot assisted living facility has 43 apartments, and is expected to employ about 75 people, which would be a great help to Arizona City. Investors in Mesquite Grove are hopeful that they will soon acquire the funding needed to finally open the assisted living center to seniors in this region of Arizona.

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