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More and More Seniors Joining the 100+ Club

Age means different things to different people. For some, it’s an integral part of who and what they are. For others, it’s just a number that they rarely think about. For a select group of seniors, it’s taking on a new meaning. The number of 100+ year olds in assisted living and elsewhere is on the rise. A trio of centenarians in an assisted living facility in Jackson County, MI, refer to themselves only by the last number of their ages. The plan on celebrating their birthdays together on September 16th - 102, 103, and 104.

The number of 100+ citizens in Jackson increased from 23 to 28 from 2000 to 2010, according to census numbers. They are primarily women. It’s medical fact that women live longer than men. It’s also been observed that married men live longer than unmarried men, while married women die sooner than unmarried women. This comparison has invited many snarky observations from the world’s stand-up comedians.

100+ people are almost like time travelers. They’ve come from a different time entirely. When they were born some didn’t have electricity. More food was grown and raised by families instead of being purchased at a supermarket. They’ve lived through two World Wars, numerous presidents, a Depression and a Recession (both called “Great,” though no one seems to have enjoyed them much).

While many are spending their years now in assisted living, their active earlier lives may have paved the way for their present longevity. Ronald Roush was born in a log cabin in Ohio and spent most of his youth hunting and being active. Good home made food provided by his mother and also by his now-deceased wife kept him healthy. Staying away from alcohol and cigarettes is almost universally renowned as a key to longevity (unless you ask the French!).

If you are concerned with how to prolong your life and want to find out some tips on how to do it, visit your local assisted living facility and talk to some of the senior citizens there. I’m sure they’ll be glad to share their secrets with you!

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