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October is National [munch] Month!

Of course it's National Pumpkin Month... but what else?

Much of the news we’ve been covering has been bleak lately. We want to keep things light around here, and what better way to brighten spirits than with food? (Warning: lightened spirits don’t equal lighter on the scales!)

Check out this list of all the different foods celebrated in the month of October and get cooking! Having the stove on will warm up your house and make your belly grumble in anticipation! Invite your neighbors and families over to help.

All American Breakfast Month:Cook up some eggs, bacon and toast with a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice for this classic occasion.

National Apple Month: The United States is a major global producer of apples, so go pick up a few and get crunching! Try caramel sauce or peanut butter for dips. Stock up, too, so that you can celebrate…

National Apple Pie Month: Nothing says America, or fall, quite like a home-baked apple pie. The smell of spices, apples and sweet dough will get your mouth watering, but do try to eat dinner first. (If you don’t manage that, we won’t tell.)

National Caramel Month: If you want to celebrate the most October food holidays at once, make a caramel apple pie! (Unfortunately, National Pie Month isn’t until February.)

National Cookie Month: Keep nourishing your sweet tooth with this delicious, easy baked good.

National Country Ham Month: Could you even imagine such a thing? Neither could we.

National Dessert Month: We sort of inferred this from apple pie, caramel and cookies… and that about does it for the desserts, but not the junk food.

National Honey Month: Honey goes wonderfully in tea, on peanut butter sandwiches, or sometimes just on a spoon. There are so many different varieties-now’s a good time to try them all.

National Pasta Month: Nothing comforts quite like a big bowl of spaghetti.

National Pickled Peppers Month: Peter Piper picked a peck of them; you can show your gratitude by making some!

National Pizza Month: Go ahead and indulge. Bread, sauce, cheese-what’s not to love?

National Popcorn Poppin’ Month: Remember when microwaves weren’t in every home? Make some air popped popcorn, or Jiffy Pop over the stove.

National Pork Month: If you decide to celebrate this holiday, take advantage of today being National Yorkshire Pudding Day! Both would go great with..

National Potato Month: Hashbrowns, mashed, baked, country fried, french fried… however you do these tubers, eat ‘em up this month.

National Spinach-Lovers’ Month: Get your greens in with this leafy vegetable.

...Phew! We’re running out of steam, but there are more October food holidays. Take some joy in your diet this fall!

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