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5 Ways to Honor Veterans on Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day: a day to honor those who fought for us in war, died for our freedom, and those who returned home to a different life. America’s first Veterans Day (then called Armistice Day) occurred on November 11, 1919. The first time it was celebrated as a national holiday ways in 1938. Year [...]

Senior Citizens Joining Occupy Chicago

47 people, many of which were senior citizens, were arrested this morning after blocking traffic in downtown Chicago as part of an Occupy Chicago protest. The group was part of over 500 seniors that came down to Chicago this morning as part of grassroots organizations, Occupy Chicago, and the Jane Addams Senior Caucus. They rallied [...]

Infographic: Our Aging Population

2011 marks the year that a large majority of the Baby Boomer generation turns 65. This means that there is a larger generation of senior citizens in the US than ever before.  The infographic to your left breaks down this growing demographic to showcase trends that should not be ignored. There are currently 40.2 million [...]

AARP Releases Ad Against Cuts to Medicare, Social Security

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) wants lawmakers to stay away from Social Security and Medicare when cutting programs to fill a $1.5 trillion deficit. They’ve released a television ad from the point of view of a senior to make their stand. “I worked hard, I paid into my Medicare, and I earned my [...]

Minnesota to Require Counseling Before Entering Assisted Living

State officials in Minnesota have approved mandatory counseling for seniors who intend to enter assisted living facilities. The measure will take effect on October 1. The state argues it will save $3.8 million in the next two years, because incorrect placement and financially unstable seniors are a burden on taxpayers. But employees of assisted living [...]

HUD Awards Nearly $100 Million For Assisted Living, Jobs

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a large grant for public assistance on Wednesday. Distributed across the country, the nearly $100 million in funds will help the public and those in assisted living find employment, and will also work to keep the elderly and disabled living independently where possible. It [...]

Arizona Assisted Living Home Damaged by Monsoon

The Marshall Home for Men in Tucson was struck hard by local monsoons this past weekend. The home, a shelter for up to 52 men, filled with four feet of water when the wash behind it flooded. Electronics, air conditioning and heating, and a storage room full of donated clothing were among the serious damages, [...]

Somber Kickoff to Assisted Living Week

Sunday marked the start of this year’s “Assisted Living Week.” Assisted Living Week is an annual celebration and awareness-raising event, originally started in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living as a way of energizing and empowering those in assisted living, and all those who provide services to seniors in those and related facilities. [...]

Assisted Living Workers Improving English Skills and Care

The US is a melting pot. There are many different people here from nations far and wide. Many speak English, but just as many do not. One of the most popular languages for many of the support personnel working in assisted living homes is Spanish. While the language barrier does not affect some parts of [...]

New Labor Laws Coming to Assisted Living Facilities

A ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has some concerned that the world of assisted living could be in for a severe shakeup. The repercussions of the ruling have yet to be fully felt, but speculation is running rampant. The new ruling would allow workers in different work groups (custodial, health services, etc.) [...]

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