Miniature Horses Help Brighten Seniors’ Day

Seniors at nursing homes and hospices in Arizona have been enjoying the company of some unusual visitors, thanks to Oracle-based nonprofit, Little Hooves & Big Hearts. The special visitors just so happen to be miniature horses, which are able to easily go into hospices and nursing homes because of their size. These miniature horses are [...]

Temporary Restraining Order Stops Casa Linda Assisted Living Facility

Residents of the Casa Linda neighborhood in Dallas have not been too happy since they found out about what was going on at a local construction site. There was an old house at Hermosa and Tranquilla that was demolished, and it sparked interest of the residents as they wondered what would be constructed in the [...]

Acropolis Manor Celebrates Grand Opening

Seniors have been living in Prince Rupert’s new Acropolis Manor residential care facility for about a year, but they just celebrated their grand opening this week.  The Acropolis Manor residential care facility in British Columbia was a $19.5 million project that has added 15 new assisted living units and 61 residential care beds to the [...]

Verizon to Debut Senior Friendly Samsung Haven Mobile Phone

Last week it was announced by Samsung and Verizon Wireless that the new Samsung Haven mobile phone would now be available for pre-order. The new Samsung Haven is not looking to compete with the Droid X or iPhone 4, as it is targeted toward seniors with a budget-friendly price of only $39.99 with a new [...]

Higher Education Helps Avoid Dementia

Recent findings published in the Advanced Access online edition of the journal Brain indicate that decades of research have led to the conclusion that more schooling leads to a decreased risk of suffering from dementia at an older age. Researchers from a British and Finnish team examined the brains of 872 people that were donated [...]

Senior Residents in Dayton Region Should Plan for Hot Weekend

Senior residents in the region of Dayton, Ohio, should prepare for the humid and hot weather this weekend. The National Weather Service in Wilmington issued a heat advisory warning as they expect the heat index to exceed 100 degrees. The city of Vandalia even activated their heat emergency plan to plan ahead for the upcoming [...]

Tips to Help Seniors Save in Current Economy

Most seniors have a tight monthly budget, so they are often looking for new ways to help save money in their daily life to cover all of their expenses. Seniors want to have the time and money to enjoy their retirement years, but the current state of the economy and limited income make this goal [...]

Sun City Charter Elementary School Upsetting Residents

Del Webb created Sun City in 1960 so that seniors could have their own retirement town in the warm Arizona desert, where they could enjoy senior living in an exclusive community just for senior citizens. Sun City just celebrated their 50 year anniversary, and their influence can be felt around the world as their model [...]

Pennsylvania Assisted Living Guidelines Becoming Reality

In 2007 Pennsylvania approved legislation to create a category for “assisted-living” housing in the state, and now officials are working to make this law a reality. The issue at hand is that many facilities in Pennsylvania have advertised themselves to have assisted living housing for the elderly and others with disabilities, but the term lacked [...]

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