Grackles Hassle Houston Senior Living Center

Small, loud black birds called grackles have made a senior living home in Houston, Texas practically unlivable. “It’s very raucous and loud,” said 81-year-old Rebecca Sealy. “It looks like snow. That’s bird poop. … It just kept getting worse and worse. … The day after I took [my car] for a $20 car wash and [...]

Nation’s First GLBT Assisted Living Facility to Open in January

Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) will debut the United States’ first full-time GLBT assisted living facility in New York City in January of 2012. Mayor Michael Bloomberg approved an “Innovate Senior Center” contract Wednesday for the center, which will be based in Chelsea but provide services to non-residents in all five boroughs of [...]

National Senior League Wii Bowling Champions Announced

The National Senior League is the nation’s only competitive Wii organization for seniors in assisted living or other senior living facilities. They host three annual Wii Bowling and Wii Golf tournaments in which teams from communities across the country can play to win. Games are transmitted across states by webcam. These games are a lively [...]

US Assisted Living Facilities Inspire Senior Care in China

By the year 2050, the number of seniors in China will exceed the entire population of the United States. But how is the country going to provide adequate assisted living opportunities for its elderly? It seems that China is looking to models in the United States for its future facilities. Columbia Pacific and Emeritus Corporation [...]

Eco-Friendly Assisted Living Home

Cypresswood Estates in Houston, Texas is the first LEED Platinum certified green housing facility for seniors in the country. The 88-unit retirement community, made for people ages 55 and older, boasts sustainable features like saltwater pools, solar panels, rainwater collection for landscaping use, recycled concrete walkways, and highly renewable wood used in the cabinets. While [...]

Alternatives to Assisted Living Facilities

While assisted living facilities offer comfort, relaxation and reassurance for many seniors and their families, they may not be the right solution for everyone. However, fully independent living, especially if the senior lives alone, can be taxing and risky. There are some emerging middle-ground options that offer partially assisted living, whether through technology, a part-time [...]

Seniors Fight Eviction From Retirement Community

Senior citizens in Kent, Ohio are fighting an eviction notice at the Silver Oaks apartments for retired persons. Over the summer, an out of state buyer called Capstone informed residents they’d purchased the property to turn into student housing, and that the seniors would have until October 1 to move. Currently, there are still between [...]

Infographic: Our Aging Population

2011 marks the year that a large majority of the Baby Boomer generation turns 65. This means that there is a larger generation of senior citizens in the US than ever before.  The infographic to your left breaks down this growing demographic to showcase trends that should not be ignored. There are currently 40.2 million [...]

Concerns Raised Over Florida’s Assisted Living Facilities

As Florida’s population of seniors continues to rise, concerns about the quality of the state’s assisted living facilities does, too. Officials have expressed the need to shut down more homes that abuse their residents, administer fines upon facilities that continue to break laws, and employ more rigorous training and quality standards for workers in assisted [...]

Minnesota to Require Counseling Before Entering Assisted Living

State officials in Minnesota have approved mandatory counseling for seniors who intend to enter assisted living facilities. The measure will take effect on October 1. The state argues it will save $3.8 million in the next two years, because incorrect placement and financially unstable seniors are a burden on taxpayers. But employees of assisted living [...]

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