Obama vs. Romney’s Credit Card Bill

We haven’t been able to post much during this election, but that’s because we don’t want to force our opinion on our audience. That said, we just found a humorous and non-bias infographic from CreditCardForum.com, that shows the spending habits of our two candidates. I’m not sure how you’ll interpret it, but for me, these [...]

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More and More Seniors Joining the 100+ Club

Age means different things to different people. For some, it’s an integral part of who and what they are. For others, it’s just a number that they rarely think about. For a select group of seniors, it’s taking on a new meaning. The number of 100+ year olds in assisted living and elsewhere is on [...]

Seniors and Voting - a Powerful Combination

It’s a well-known fact that seniors are an important voting block. Whether they are on their own, in assisted living homes, or somewhere in between, there’s just something about being older and wiser that awakens the inner political junky in some people. One very possible explanation could be the fact that so many senior citizens [...]

Full Circle - Assisting Living at Home

Assisted living can be many things. It can mean something different to pretty much everyone who experiences it. At the end of the day, though, it just means giving someone - an older person, someone recovering from injury or illness, or someone with a long term disability - the support and access to resources that [...]

“This is a Man’s World…” or Is It?

There are about a million different ways to say it: at the end of the day, men and women are different. They have different expectations and needs for their lives and lifestyles. From teenaged years when they first gain independence, to their twilight years, where they may need to reckon with giving up some of [...]

Michigan Grant to Build Assisted Living Facilities

If you live in Michigan - congratulations! Michigan’s state business assistance financing organization has approved a grant to build more assisted living facilities in the state. If you live in Michigan - congratulations again! Your state’s business assistance financing organization has a cool name: the Michigan Economic Growth Authority, or MEGA. PVM EJNP Real Estate [...]

Companies Continue to Break Ground on Senior Housing

It’s something we spend a good deal of time researching and reporting on: the rise of assisted living and senior housing facilities. More and more real estate companies, ones that previously didn’t show much interest in assisted living or other types of senior properties have recently starting breaking into that market. It should come as [...]

NHI Finances New Assisted Living Facility

The real estate deals for assisted living and other late-in-life care centers just keeps on coming! The aging population in the United States and increasing reliance on diverse services like independent assisted living, nursing care, and memory care centers (just to name a few) seems to have really struck a chord with real estate developers. [...]

Sabra CEO: Assisted Living Is the Way to Go

In an interview with REIT.com (Real Estate Investment Trusts), Sabra CEO Rick Matros opined that policy decisions (combined, no doubt, with an aging population) were set to put assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care settings into a “sweet spot.” This makes total sense when you look at the huge number of baby-boomers who are [...]

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