Inhaling Insulin Could Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Many researchers have concluded in past studies that people with Alzheimer’s have reduced levels of  insulin in their brain, which is even noticeable in the earliest stages.  Now U.S. researchers are making progress with these findings, as they  have been working on a study where patients who have early forms of  Alzheimer’s disease inhale insulin [...]

Memory of Elderly Women Affected by Obesity

Scientists from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Illinois have just released findings from their recent study regarding the correlation between memory and weight in older women. According to the study, the more an older woman weighs, the worse her memory was found to be. Additionally the scientists concluded [...]

Canine Assisted Therapy Gaining Popularity at Assisted Living Homes

Animal companionship has long been used to boost the spirits of the elderly, and provide them with a constant source of comfort in their daily lives. The extra sense of security aides the elderly in being active as they want to take care of their animal companion, which allows them to give affection and receive [...]

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Senior Volunteers Pair Well With Students

Once seniors retire they often want to continue working in some capacity and continue to contribute to society. This is not to say they want to get a full time job, but that they want to find a way to help out and make a difference. One of the best ways in which retired seniors [...]

Just5 Phone Targets Seniors

Keeping up with the latest and greatest in mobile phone technology is common for young adults, however seniors are not as hip when it comes to this arena. Studies show that seniors are not the target market for utilizing mobile phones to access the Internet or download apps. On top of that, seniors often have [...]

Seniors Improve Balance by Strengthening Muscles

Seniors are often injured by falling, which is an issue that can be minimized by improving balancing skills. There are a number of ways in which balance can be improved, like Tai Chi or Yoga, but research indicates that strong muscles can be very beneficial to improving balance. When a senior is physically weak, they [...]

Sun City Still Going Strong After 50 Years

In 1960 Del Webb began building a retirement town out in the hot Arizona desert, with the idea that seniors would want a community of other seniors to live among. This concept revolutionized the idea of retirement, and even won Webb some awards. The original slogan that Webb used to draw in people was “Wake [...]

STD Rates Higher in Seniors Using Viagra

Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs have changed the lives for seniors, as they can now have a more active sex life later into their senior years. However the increased sexual activity in seniors can have negative repercussions if it is unprotected. Reuters Health recently stated that U.S. doctors reported, in the Annals of Internal [...]

Seniors Need to Stay Cool This Summer

The summer months can be brutal for many seniors, as they struggle to stay cool and hydrated so that they avoid any heat related injuries or death. Now that summer is warming up, seniors should take necessary precautions to ensure that they can avoid the heat and stay cool. One of the big reasons why [...] Launches Under Affordable Care Act

Earlier this year, President Barrack Obama signed a new federal statute into law called the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Since the law passed there has been a lot of confusion about all of the details which are aimed to help health care reform. In order to help better educate people and [...]

Recession Forcing Seniors to Delay Retirement

The last few years of economic troubles for many Americans have carried over to seniors who were planning on retiring in the near future. However most older adults and seniors now plan to push back their original retirement date so that they can arrive at a position to retire properly. Overall the stock market has [...]

Wii Sports Makes Exercising Fun for Seniors

The Nintendo Wii has become extremely popular over the past few years with families, as everyone can find a game which they like to play. Also many of the games are set up where 4 players can participate, making it a fun way to get exercise while being social with friends and family. Now the [...]

Seniors Need to Beware of Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most popular crimes in the United States, and as more senior citizens retire, they are often more prone to becoming a victim of this act. Once retired, seniors typically receive various government benefits and start taking cash from their retirement accounts, or even starting other investments. All of the [...]

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