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Senior Citizens Joining Occupy Chicago

47 people, many of which were senior citizens, were arrested this morning after blocking traffic in downtown Chicago as part of an Occupy Chicago protest. The group was part of over 500 seniors that came down to Chicago this morning as part of grassroots organizations, Occupy Chicago, and the Jane Addams Senior Caucus. They rallied and protested outside of Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin’s offices and then marched through the streets of Chicago.

The point of today’s protest was to voice concern over the latest cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  Seniors hope that new federal budget regulations will help to strengthen social programs for elderly Americans rather than weaken them. According to Mary Burns, founder of the Jane Adams Senior Caucus, “many older women, especially older women of color, would suffer the brunt of these cuts.”

Today marks the 45th day of the Occupy Chicago movement, which was bolstered greatly by the influx of seniors ready to stand for their cause. This movement provides a great example of many generations coming together for a common cause, offering seniors the chance to educate younger protestors and help to put the need for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security into context.

Many studies suggest that we will run out of Social Security before younger generations get the opportunity to take advantage of it. Because of this, many have reported being inspired to see those who will not benefit from it, standing up for the elderly who need it now.

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