Different Types of Assisted Living Centers

assisted living centersSee if home assisted living or life in a larger facility is right for your loved one.

Assisted living centers come in virtually all shapes and sizes. From small, home-based programs to large, multi-level facilities, the choice is entirely up to you. Unlike skilled nursing facilities, true assisted living centers focus on providing as much independence and personal expression to their residents as possible. They are able to do this because of less government oversight and varying degrees of medical focus.

When it comes time to start looking into assisted living centers for your loved one, you’ll want to be aware of the potential draw backs and benefits to pursuing home assisted living or life in a larger assisted living center. Read the overviews below to become familiar with the different assisted living settings so you can make a good decision that will benefit your loved one for years to come.

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The Benefits of Home Assisted Living

Smaller home assisted living situations are prolific and can be found in virtually every community across the U.S. Often, they are run out of personal homes and are overseen by a couple or family. Home assisted living facilities offer seniors a family-centered atmosphere and a quieter, more private ambiance in which to live.

Living accommodations in home-based assisted living centers often consist of private or semi-private rooms, shared living and dining areas, and shared bathrooms. Levels of care vary with state regulations, size and proprietors’ wishes. Nearly all home assisted living programs offer full meal preparation, housekeeping services, laundry and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). Many provide grocery service and on-call nursing assistance via phone or email.

Seniors who want some social stimulation, but appreciate quiet, more personal surroundings often thrive in these settings. If you are considering sending your loved one to a small home-based assisted living center, make sure you research its history well. Find a licensed facility with a pleasant and responsive staff that demonstrates positive personal relationships with current residents. Because of its small size, it is especially important to find a home with other residents who share similar interests and enjoy similar levels of health.

Life in Larger Assisted Living Centers

Larger assisted living facilities often offer many more amenities and can be found in varying sizes, with a wide pricing span. Some assisted living centers offer few amenities and aim for the same quietude and familial feel of home assisted living facilities. But most are larger, serving up to hundreds of residents, with extensive social calendars, specialty wings, on- and off-site services, and levels of care. It is not uncommon for a medium- to large-sized assisted living center to offer an onsite salon, recreational center, physical therapy center, visiting quarters and a large dining room.

It is important to get specific information about larger assisted living centers since the prices, services and living quarters can vary so much. Medium- to large-sized facilities sometimes offer private, apartment-like accommodations that the senior can furnish and decorate to her liking. This helps with the transition and provides a sense of privacy and ownership during an often difficult time.

Choosing the Right Assisted Living Center

Regardless of the setting you choose, the way your loved one fits in with the staff and the feel of a particular assisted living center is a central indicator of how well his time there will go. Look for a facility that meets your core requirements in a price-range you can afford, then rely on the intangible feelings you get when walking through the facility or home and interacting with the staff.

Whether you go with home assisted living or a focus your search on larger assisted living centers, our local elder care advisors can help connect you with facilities in your area, free of charge. Just fill out the form at the top of this page and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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