A Typical Daily Schedule at Assisted Living Facilities

Experience a day in the life of an assisted living facility resident from this sample daily schedule.

Residents of assisted living facilities who enjoy reasonable health find a unique balance of planned activities and individual autonomy at assisted living facilities. Unlike more structured, medically-focused nursing homes, assisted living facilities have the freedom to create daily schedules with a variety of activities for people of all abilities and interests. But since their spaces are designed to facilitate community gatherings and activities, they offer fitting opportunity for social and physical interaction.

To get a feel for how a day in a typical assisted living facility might unfold, we've talked with multiple sources to get you the inside scoop. Read on for a sample daily schedule at typical assisted living facilities.

Life in Assisted Living Facilities, Hour by Hour

Since residents at assisted living facilities are fairy self-reliant, the schedule for any one person at the facility can vary widely to suit his or her tastes. The schedule below is an example of what assisted living facilities might offer over the course of a day. But remember that what you or your loved one choose to do with your time there will be mostly up to you. Here is an example of a daily schedule that might be offered at assisted living facilities nationwide:

7:00 –Medication and morning personal care
8:00 – Breakfast
9:00 – Optional activities (art, music, exercise class, etc.) or health services
10:30 – Scheduled walks or exercises with certified nursing assistants (CNAs)
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Optional activities (classes, outings, etc.) or health services
2:30 – Afternoon naps, free time or resident-planned activities and clubs
4:00 – Optional program offerings (special performances, speakers, workshops, etc.)
5:30 – Dinner
6:30 – Showers, medication, and evening personal care
8:00 – Bed time
Throughout the night – custodial staff on call for any special needs

Variations Among Assisted Living Facilities

Depending on the size and focus of different assisted living facilities, you may find schedules quite different from this. Smaller facilities, for example, may offer less programmed activities, but instead foster creativity among residents, encouraging homegrown clubs and classes. Larger facilities, on the other hand, may offer such a wide array of options that they require multiple schedules (one for physical, one for social, and another for interest-based activities).

Regardless of the number of activities available, the important thing is that you limit your search to only those assisted living facilities that offer activities and schedules that fit your lifestyle. Making the move to assisted living is a big step. And finding a place that fits naturally with your interests and caters to your pace of life will make the transition more natural.

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