Christian and Catholic Assisted Living

catholic assisted livingRetire with others who share your faith at a Christian assisted living facility.

When faith is the backbone of your life, finding a good Christian or Catholic assisted living situation can turn your retirement into a shared journey of growth and discovery. When traveling to and from church, Mass and Bible study becomes taxing, finding Christian or Catholic senior housing is a solution that offers much more than a savings of time and effort. Living in community with others who share your faith and values is an enriching experience that can deepen your faith and give you an opportunity to minister to others daily. Learn more about your Christian assisted living options below.

Why Choose Christian Assisted Living?

When it comes to your living situation, you can never be too discriminating. In addition to finding a fitting level of care and choosing an assisted living program that fits your needs and budget, you'll be best served by finding a Christian assisted living service who's mission and staff share your personal values.

Living in a Christian environment after retirement is different from other Christian living situations you may have experienced in your past. Unlike faith-based summer camps and church retreats, Christian assisted living facilities are designed to provide the kind of atmosphere that is conducive to long-term accommodation. Most offer private living arrangements, personal furnishing options and privacy while still providing excellent health and custodial care. People who look into Christian assisted living situations enjoy a variety of options including church-affiliated homes, non-denominational programs and private non-profit organizations. Get specific information by contacting our personal elder care advisors today.

Catholic Assisted Living Information

When you share in the rich heritage of the Catholic Church, there is little greater blessing than communing with likeminded parishioners and enjoying access to on—site daily Mass, confessional and prayers. Catholic assisted living facilities are often affiliated with—or even attached to—local parishes. However, you will also find larger Catholic assisted living facilities that operate as non-profit organizations or even healthcare or hospital communities.

Common Catholic Senior Housing Amenities

Like other elder care communities, Catholic senior housing facilities offer a wide range of amenities for residents with different needs, desires and budgets. In addition to common amenities such as fitness centers, craft rooms, media centers and salons, Catholic senior housing programs also offer some of the faith-based amenities mentioned below:

  • Daily holy Mass
  • Confessionals
  • 24-hour chapels
  • Spiritual gift shops

If you like the idea of spending your retirement years in the company of your spiritual sisters and brothers, Christian or Catholic assisted living may be the answer for you. Contact one of our elder care advisors for personalized information about faith-based senior housing in your area. Simply call the toll-free number at the top of this page and we'd be happy to walk you through the process, free of charge.