Get to Know Our Content Specialists

Ellen Geotz

Ellen grew up on the east coast and spent 10 years working in senior homes during her 20's and 30's before taking a break to raise her 3 children. Now that her children are in college, Ellen uses her knowledge of senior care to help her write about all of the latest industry news. Ellen is a fabulous seamstress, and when not writing about the senior care industry, you can find her sewing away on her latest fashion creation.

Asha Raya

Asha was born in India, but moved to the states when she was 18 to attend college and study journalism. She has held various writing jobs over here career, and now concentrates her efforts on freelancing for a variety of online publications in different industries. Asha loves cooking traditional Indian food for her family, doing the weekend crosswords in the NY Times, and working in her garden.

Guest Authors

From time to time, we may have guest authors on our news blog. If our guest authors begin to write for us on a consistent basis, we will add them to this list for your reference. If you would like to be a guest author on one of our senior news blogs, please contact us at admin at and include your submission. All submissions are thoroughly edited and fact checked before publishing and misleading or false submissions will not be published.

What Our News Provides

When we launched our series of senior care sites, we quickly found that there are few resources online that provide timely and informative news related to senior citizens. We wanted to change that, so we created our senior news blogs, which we hope will keep seniors and their loved ones informed and up-to-date with regards to the many new learnings and services for the elderly. Please comment on our blog if you have any suggestions or requests and we will work hard to meet your needs!