Assisted Living Placement for Couples

assisted living placementAssisted living apartments, private rooms, and other solutions for couples in long-term care.

All Assisted Living Homes' articles like Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Program and When to Start the Search for Senior Care are perfect for helping you through the process of assisted living placement for your single loved one. But how do you apply everything you're learning about assisted living to an older married couple, whose individual needs may differ? This article should help you as you search for a long-term care option that suits both of your aging parents' needs.

Assisted Living Placement for Two

Your parents (or grandparents, or aunt and uncle) have enjoyed years of independent married life, but now that they're getting older, you're starting to wonder if they might be better served at an assisted living facility. They may share a plethora of common interests or be as different as night and day. In addition, their health may be in similar or widely different places. How can you help them find assisted living apartments, homes or facilities where they'll both be happy and well cared for?

Finding Assisted Living Apartments for Spouses

When seeking assisted living placement for a married couple inside a facility, the general rule of thumb is to focus on the older or needier spouse's placement first. In some assisted living facilities and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), needier spouses can receive additional medical attention in private assisted living apartments, but other facilities place both spouses together in the area most suitable to the higher-needs resident.

Assisted Living Placement in CCRCs

One of the greatest advantages offered by CCRCs is care for residents with varying levels of needs. As true proponents of the Aging in Place movement, CCRCs offer many levels of senior care, from independent living and assisted living to skilled nursing and memory care. While patients with moderate to high levels of cognitive impairment almost always need specialized oversight in a memory care unit, the majority of married couples can find a nursing home or assisted living apartment where they can both receive appropriate care.

The Benefits of Communal Assisted Living Placement

It's no secret that those who cohabitate with a loving spouse or partner experience greater health and happiness overall. There is no reason that these benefits should not extend whenever possible to assisted living residents. When aging seniors bear the brunt of their spouse's growing needs, the benefits of healthy cohabitation can easily give way to the pressures of caregiving. But when both partners get their needs met in a healthy way, the couple can once again share in the warm, giving relationship they once had.

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